Love & Forgiveness Bundle
Love & Forgiveness Bundle

Love & Forgiveness Bundle

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Black Vein Rhodonite is highly recognized as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to center during stressful times. It is a crucial “first aid stone” for calming emotional shock and panic, and provides grounded support during the process of dealing with painful issues.

Black Onyx promotes physical strength after a long illness, prolonged work project, demanding exercise or weight loss program or any situation that depletes one’s resources. It boosts self-confidence and assertion while bringing reason to passion, and is an excellent stone to carry into conflict situations where a cool head is needed.

Rose Quartz goes by the name of the 'Love Stone' because it sends off strong vibrations of love, happiness, warmth, and emotional health. Fair and lovely with its gentle pink essence, it is a stone of the heart.....a stone of unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.