The Virgo energy is analytical, orderly and sometimes critical. But the critiques come from a good place: Virgos just want everything to be perfect and they believe their vision is perfect so everything to be just so. Their grand purpose in life is to make everything perfect, but they are often conflicted. Their outer appearance doesn't always match the inside. They put forth a face that says everything is fine but inside their heads is turmoil once they realize the world is not a perfect place. They are hardworking problem-solvers who will research and study issues in great detail until they find the best solution. The Virgo symbol is a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat, which signifies wisdom.

Amazonite is an earthy stone that is ideal for bringing balance to Virgo energy. It balances their emotional state, helping them release their obsessiveness and accept the unique character that comes from imperfection. It reduces fear and worry, soothing their spirit and quieting their mind. This Virgo stone helps them understand other people’s points of view, which can be essential for Virgos who tend to think it’s their way or the highway.

Amethyst brings a spiritual element to the analytical mind of Virgos. It provides a calm and soothing energy that promotes feelings of wellbeing, helping Virgos to accept what they cannot change. Amethyst is a Virgo crystal that inspires an understanding of others, thereby improving their relationships. It also counteracts negative energy and uplifts the spirit.

Zebra Jasper is known as the 'Stone of Balance' and it supports Virgo sun signs in numerous ways. It promotes positive thinking, helping them to reduce criticism and judgment. It helps them resolve difficult situations and see the good in others. This Virgo stone also assists them in achieving their dreams since it promotes endurance and energy.